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Regular Page Content full width of the page. Making sure that you are happy is our number one priority and we are more than confident you will be very happy with the service you get.

Amazing Customer Service

Here are Vitex we fully understand just how important it is to treat our customers with respect.

We know that a smile and a friendly tone of voice goes a long way and that is what you will get when dealing with us.

Making sure that you are happy is our number one priority and we are more than confident you will be very happy with the service you get.

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Design Your Kitchen Or Bath With Our 20/20 Professional Program

We know that to some people the idea of designing your own kitchen and or bath can sound quite the daunting process. But thanks to our easy to understand professional 20/20 program you will find that while you are the one making the design choices we handle all the hard and complex stuff. You will be truly amazed at how easy it is to design the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams.

We Only Sell The Best Materials

While our prices are very competitive you will be pleased to know that while we offer great prices we do not cheap out when it comes to quality. We only sell the best quality materials and do so at an unbelievable price. We know that when you are designing a new kitchen or bathroom you want it to last a very long time and with what we have to offer that is something you can guarantee.

"Vitex did a marvelous job on my tile bathrooms and tile and wood cabinets in the kitchen. Very professional and high quality work. I would highly recommend them."

Kristen Derby

We Deliver When We Say We Will !!!!

We know how frustrating it can be when you are working on a project and the materials you ordered to arrive on a specific day simply do not turn up. That is why we always aim to deliver on a timely manner and get your goods to you when we say we will. Our first goal is always to make sure the customer is happy and we know that by making sure we deliver when we say we will is going to make you very happy indeed.

We Offer An Amazing Selection Of Bath & Kitchen Countertops

Choice is something you will certainly have a great deal of when dealing with us here at Vitex. No matter the style of design that you are going for in your kitchen or bathroom we have you covered. If you want that high end look then why not go for a granite countertop or maybe you prefer marble? The fact is we really do have the best selection available and you will find that perfect style here and of course at a great price as well.

We Are Experts At Instillation

While you may be more than comfortable designing your own kitchen or bathroom, when it comes to installing it that can be a totally different matter. Well you do not need to worry about that when we are working with you.

We are experienced in installing everything including laminate flooring, kitchen boards, countertops and so much more. If you need it done then chances are we have done it before.

We Do Not Stop Until You Are Happy

As we have said making you happy is a major goal of ours and we will not stop until we have achieved that.

Our highly trained staff is always here to answer any questions you have in a polite and friendly manor.

If there is something you are not keen on or less than 100 percent happy with talk to us and we will do all we can to make sure you are happy.

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